Not Everyone Will Be Your Friend, Find Ones That Will Be


Out of everything I have been through in my life, and trying to make sense of who are my true friends or not and among everything else, It is a hard thing to for some to make sense of it all. In life you will encounter so many different types of people and you will meet all sorts of people, but not everyone will be your friend. You just talk to people, not knowing their name or where they come from. It happens in spontaneous moments when your out in public, when you are traveling and people in school, work, or other places. Some people come into your life for a few minutes, you will meet and talk to someone for an hour or half an hour or whatever the case maybe, and then you part your ways. Its happened to me a lot and it is pretty cool that…

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School Is Stressful

School Can Be So Stressful Sometimes, Between All The classes and Worrying about who your new friends are gonna be, its all a big mess that you have to sort through. in class you have to pay attention to learn and pass, for your freshman year if your in college you cant have a car so its like walking a 1,000k around the campus, lunch you have to find a good place to eat, and on top of all that you have to have a good job if you want text book, and want to pay your yearly tuition on the regular. stress for me is not normal and i am only 15 years old. but i guess these are the challenges that president Barack Obama was talking about, that we as a people must come together and conquer it.

It Dosen’t Matter Fat Or Skinny

Now What Since Does It Make When YOu Order 2 Double Bacon Cheeseburgers, A Large Chocolate Shake, With A Side Of Large Fries, Extra Salt, And Then Top It All Off With A Diet Coke. -______- It’s Not Like Your Gonna Gain 500 Pounds From Eating All that Food And The Gonna Suck Yourself Skinny Through A Straw. If Your Fat, Love Your Handles, And If Your Skinny Continue To Love Tickling Your Ribs, we Are All Still People, So Dont Put Yourselves In Bad Categories.

Love Yourself