Laughter Is The BEST Medicine by Peg Stoudt

At Home with Health Calls

This post is written by Margaret “Peg” Stoudt, RN who is a Referral Liaison with Health Calls Home Health Agency. Peg is probably the most appropriate person I know to write this article, because she practices what she preaches. Laughter surrounds her. Thanks for your contribution to our daily laughs, Peg, and for the blog post too!

My father was not a doctor but he definitely healed many with his gift of laughter and humor. Lucky for me, he passed this priceless and infinite gift to me! Laughter has helped me with many life challenges and I am forever grateful to my Dad.

I personally believe if we could all find more laughter, we would all feel lighter, better, healthier, and most of all happier. Laughter is the gift that keeps on giving and it is always free. Laughter is universal as it sounds the same in different cultures and…

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