A Relationship Is Temporary, Marriage Is Supposed To Be Forever.

Nowadays Relationships Can Go On For 12 1/2 Years, While Marriages Jus Got Over The 5 year mark. You Made A Commitment, that was supposed to be temporary or until you make it permanent, in marriage you are there for life no matter what. but i guess today’s society they got it all backwards, but im glad that there are still some people in the world that know the difference. don’t worry the trend will end soon like everything else.



Confessions Of The AnonymoUS

Okay guys, stress is a hard thing for a college student to deal with. You have 4 papers due in a week, finals in 2, and a major project about the molecular structure of a cell for biology due in 2 days. Sometimes it feels literally impossible to deal with. The lack of sleep starts to get to you, the fucking cup of coffee begins to become 5, you’re up all night trying your hardest to pull through the end of the semester, but that little voice in your head keeps telling you its impossible. That my friends is how I feel right now, except its only 3 weeks into the damn semester. I’m pretty much caught up on my work and stuff, homes not that bad right now even though my dad hounds me about finding a job every 5 minutes, the thing that’s stressing me out so much…

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Laughter Is The BEST Medicine by Peg Stoudt

At Home with Health Calls

This post is written by Margaret “Peg” Stoudt, RN who is a Referral Liaison with Health Calls Home Health Agency. Peg is probably the most appropriate person I know to write this article, because she practices what she preaches. Laughter surrounds her. Thanks for your contribution to our daily laughs, Peg, and for the blog post too!

My father was not a doctor but he definitely healed many with his gift of laughter and humor. Lucky for me, he passed this priceless and infinite gift to me! Laughter has helped me with many life challenges and I am forever grateful to my Dad.

I personally believe if we could all find more laughter, we would all feel lighter, better, healthier, and most of all happier. Laughter is the gift that keeps on giving and it is always free. Laughter is universal as it sounds the same in different cultures and…

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Character: Faith, Peace, and Meditation

Epicworld Dinner Topics

Dinner Topics for Monday

To Think

sunsetTo think is to awaken the epic hero within you,

To subdue the unwilling flesh and sinew.

A single pause to choose what is just

Can replace years of pain with peace and trust.

Turn from the clamor of worldly pursuits

To search out unbroken, eternal roots.

Listen for that still small voice

To guide you in each daily choice.

Sure words from home, found in Holy Writ,

When heeded bring the mind to wit

Neglected joys— truth hence unremembered,

Or songs for the soul, long ignored and unheard.

A line well-written is worth a thousand words shouted.

A moment of faith more than scores of years doubted.

A reflection, a moment, a gathered thought

Is one past overcome, one future bought.

To think is to look past a world gone awry

To the color of God’s thoughts written in the sky.

~C.A. Davidson

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MommaSachs Coaching

Run. Run as fast as your legs will let you. To others it will not be fast. To you, it will be a flash. Run. Feel the breath in your lungs. Feel the stress melt away. Feel the street under your feet. Ignore the pain. Ignore the world around you. Run. Be in the moment. Be the moment. Run. More than exercise. More than keeping in shape. Don’t count the miles. Don’t count the minutes. Keep up with yourself. Get yourself grounded. Run.

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The Stress Of Life

I Just Had the Most Stressful Moment of my life, And you Know what i did? i just had myself a good long cry. that’s the only thing you can do sometimes, some relieve stress a different way, you can take up boxing, yoga, or like i just did, let the tears flow, if youu hold your tears in, you will be holding your stress in. this is my tip of the night, when you have no where else to vent, let things flow.